Foodball baby food warmer

Item details:

  • preparation of milk and baby food in just a few minutes
  • gentle and even warming of baby food in a water bath
  • simple device operation with continuousthermomstat adjustment
  • for all common baby bottles, standard and wide-mouth bottles and glasses up to Ø 70mm
  • incl. heating and food bowl with measuring scale
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Age recommendation: 0 + months

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Baby food warmer


For quick, gentle and even warming

Hungry children find it difficult to be patient when waiting to eat. However, vitamins and proteins are particularly sensitive to heat and can be destroyed if baby formula is added too hot or heated for too long. This can mean that your child misses out on important nutrients. Therefore, when preparing baby food, you need to ensure that it is heated gently.
Thanks to the FoodBall baby food warmer, you can not only heat food quickly and easily but also ensure that it is heated evenly and gently.


Easy to usedue to continuous thermostat adjustment

Hungry children find it difficult to be patient when waiting to eat, which is where the baby food warmer can help. Particularly when it comes to heating baby food properly and according to the needs of your child, the FoodBall is a great help for parents. The baby food warmer is especially user-friendly due to the scale that suggests the optimal temperature selection for the preparation of baby food. Thanks to continuous thermostat adjustment, settings are easily adjustable and baby food can be prepared very easily. In addition, baby food can be kept warm for a certain period of time.


Flexible warming of baby foodfor all common baby bottles and glasses

The FoodBall can warm all common baby bottles and glasses with a diameter of up to 70 mm. In addition, the bowl for warming and eating, which can also be used as a measuring cup, can be used for both warming baby food and then subsequently feeding your child. The cover provided offers practical storage of the baby food warmer.


Now even safer thanks to the heating plate cover and indicator light

The heating plate cover prevents baby bottles and glasses from overheating where they come into contact with the plate and ensures even distribution of heat. The indicator lamp lets you know that the baby food warmer is heating.


Product details:

  • for all common baby food bottles, standard and wide-mouth bottles (max. ø 70 mm)
  • gentle and even warming of baby food in a water bath
  • practical bowl for warming and eating
  • warm-keeping function
  • optical indicator light
  • continuous thermostat adjustment
  • hot plate cover
  • modern design in round shape
  • colour: white/anthracite
  • dimensions: ca. Ø 15 cm, H 10.5 cm
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item number 33030
EAN code 4013283330302
age 0 + months
material plastic
colour white/anthracite
contents 1x baby food warmer, 1x bowl, 1x lid
packaging size 16.5 cm x 15.7 cm x 12.9 cm (W x D x H)
notes Observe the enclosed operating and safety instructions!

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