EasyHeat changing table heater

Item details:

  • heat radiation and temperature distribution in accordance with medical standards
  • with automatic shut-off (10 minutes)
  • 1 heating setting: 500 W (230 V, 50 Hz), energy saving
  • with visible “on” indicator
  • heating head can be tilted by up to 50°

Age recommendation: 0+ months

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Perfectly protected against cooling!

For babies, heat regulation via the skin is not yet fully developed. Therefore they are not able to adjust their own body temperature to falling temperatures and are quickly exposed to hypothermia just after bathing or during nappy changes. It is therefore especially important to maintain the baby's body temperature.
The EasyHeat changing table heater provides your baby with immediate warmth. It maintains a constant comfortable temperature and compensates for temperature differences. This prevents secondary illnesses, such as colds, and guarantees your baby many pleasant moments.


Pleasant warmthright where it's needed

The EasyHeat radiates heat evenly across the changing table and thus ensures temperature distribution in accordance with medical standards. Thanks to the energy-efficient 500W, the output of the device is ideally matched to the needs of your baby.
In addition, the tilt element, which can be easily adjusted up to 50°, ensures that you can direct the heat radiation precisely to the desired spot. This ensures that your baby is comfortably warm and that you don't sweat under the heater.


Simple operationthanks to pull switch

When changing or dressing the child, mums and dads have their hands full and have no time to deal with technically complicated equipment. The EasyHeat is switched on in a jiffy with a single pull and immediately provides a pleasant, precise heat radiation. The device can be switched off again by pulling the cord again. Thanks to the extra long cord, you can easily reach the pull switch, even from in front of the changing table.


Especially safethanks to automatic switch-off and a power indicator

Especially when you are in a hurry, it can happen that you forget to switch off the changing table heater. Thanks to the integrated automatic switch-off, you now have one less worry. Operation is convenient via a pull switch that activates the timer. After about 10 minutes the device switches off automatically. Should the 10 minutes of heat radiation not be enough, the device can be switched on again in no time at all. The power indicator shows you whether the device is switched on or off at all times.


Simple and secure wall mountingthanks to the built-in wall bracket

The radiant heater can be securely mounted above the changing table with the built-in wall bracket. The EasyHeat can be mounted to the wall quickly and easily in just 4 steps.
Thanks to the wall mounting, the changing table radiant heater is very space-saving and out of reach from children’s small hands.


Product details

  • offers pleasant instant heat and protects from catching a chill and related conditions
  • heat radiation and temperature distribution in accordance with medical standards
  • with automatic shut-off (10 minutes)
  • 1 heating setting: 500 W (230 V, 50 Hz)
  • heating head can be tilted by up to 50°
  • compact design, smaller in size than typical baby changing table radiant heaters
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item number 19040
EAN code 4013283190401
age 0+ months
material metal / plastic
colour white, grey
contents 1 x changing table heater
packaging size 52.0 cm x 13.5 cm x 14.5 cm (W x D x H)
notes Please observe the supplied operating and safety instructions. This product is not intended as a main heating unit!

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