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SafeHeadBaby Baby Helmet


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  • suitable for children with head circumference from 40 - 52 cm
  • well padded and at the same time ultra-light (less than 100g), for high wearing comfort
  • excellent air circulation and breathable cotton fabric
  • V-shaped, padded Velcro closure for maximum safety
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Product number: SHB001, SHB002, SHB004
SafeHeadBaby Helmet
SafeHeadBaby Helmet Light, Safe, Lovely
Chic and high quality
Chic and high quality
The SafeHeadBaby baby helmet looks smart and has a high-quality finish. It has already won numerous awards. It is waiting to protect your child too: From bumps, lacerations and pain when your little darling discovers how to walk, but the little legs are once again too fast for the whole body.
It is suitable for all children from about 7 months to 2 years - it fits baby heads with a diameter of 40 - 52 cm.
Ultra-light padding protection
Ultra-light padding protection and maximum wearing comfort
The helmet is stable, offers all-round padding protection and maximum safety for your child. At the same time, it can be worn all day without any problems because the helmet weighs less than 100g. It is the ultra-lightweight among baby helmets: it can be worn without pressure and is padded all around. The soft material runs all the way to the outside and thus also cushions the edges - for pleasant wearing comfort all day long.
Breathable cotton cover
Breathable cotton cover and excellent air circulation
The inside of the cute helmet is equipped with a breathable cotton cover that ensures that no sweat collects under the helmet. This protects your child's sensitive skin.
In addition, the helmet has optimised air circulation in the form of small air holes. They ensure that your little darling keeps a cool head in any weather.
V-shaped, padded Velcro strap
V-shaped, padded Velcro strap
A V-shaped strap ensures that the helmet is held securely on the head. The inside is padded so that your child experiences the highest wearing comfort. Most important, however, is the Velcro fastener - because this ensures the highest level of safety even if your child gets caught. If the pressure on the Velcro is too strong because your child has got caught somewhere, the Velcro opens and protects your child from cuts or strangulation. This means that the helmet can be used without hesitation wherever your child wants to crawl, play or romp indoors and outdoors.

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