Cosmo Audio baby monitor

Item details:

  • Digital transmission
  • FHSS technology: Tap-proof and interference-free
  • Range of up to 600m
  • ECO mode: 0% radiation in sleep mode
  • VOX function: intelligent automatic switch-on
  • Adjustable night light (3 brightness levels)
  • Intercom function
  • Vibration alarm
  • Optical/acoustic range control
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Optical noise display
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Digital Audio Baby Monitor


The reliable connection to your child

For parents, the safety and well-being of their children is paramount. Especially when you have just put your child to bed, you will want to make sure at all times that your little darling is doing well. Since it is not possible to constantly sit with your sleeping child and worry about their health, it is important to ensure reliable monitoring.
With the Cosmo Audio Baby Monitor, you stay in constant contact with your child and are informed of their well-being at all times. This way you always have an attentive ear in the nursery without disturbing the little ones’ important sleep.


Your secure connection with clear soundthanks to FHSS technology

The Cosmo Audio Baby Monitor watches over the sleeping child with optimally coordinated baby and parent units. FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology guarantees an interference-free, crystal-clear connection. The Cosmo is 100% tap-proof due to the automatic channel changes at regular intervals.


Low-radiation and energy-saving thanks to an optional ECO mode and VOX function

Thanks to smart sound activation (VOX), the units only connect when the baby makes a sound. If your child is sleeping blissfully, the baby monitor automatically switches to standby mode. In addition, the baby unit can be manually switched to ECO mode. This reduces the radiation of the device as soon as the baby monitor is in standby mode. These two product features not only minimise the baby monitor’s energy consumption, but also greatly reduce radiation.


Convenient to usethanks to mobile parent unit

Well thought-out details make the baby monitor very easy to operate. Thanks to the belt clip, you always have the baby monitor with you – even when moving around the house – allowing you to feel very close to your darling at all times. Thanks to the range of 600 metre, the baby monitor can not only be placed flexibly in the house, but can also be used on the terrace, in the garden or even while visiting your neighbour. Should the range be exceeded, you will be warned of a disturbed connection by the range alarm.


Gentle slumberthanks to the soothing night light

The soft glow of the integrated night light soothes your child and gently ushers in bedtime. Thanks to the three different brightness levels of the permanent night light mode, the light can be individually adjusted to the circumstances. The brighter settings can be used for reading the bedtime story. The lowest level then bathes the nursery in a dim light, so that your little darling is not afraid of the dark and their precious sleep is not disturbed at the same time.
A special feature is the 4th mode. The baby monitor lights up at the brightest level and switches to VOX mode. As soon as your baby is sleeping peacefully, the night light switches off automatically. If the device then registers sounds from your child during the night, the night light switches on again to provide your little one with orientation in the dark.


Gentle soothing thanks to the intercom function

The familiar sound of a parent’s voice often helps soothe the baby. Thanks to the intercom function of the Cosmo’s parent unit, you can speak directly to your baby. This enables you to soothe your child from the comfort of your living room or to have a calming effect when on your way to their nursery.


Particularly flexiblethanks to a USB adapter and two USB cables

The parent unit has a built-in rechargeable battery. Fully charged, it provides you with up to 60 hours of use. If the battery is dead, it can be conveniently recharged using the supplied USB cables in combination with the USB adapter or other electronic USB devices, while continuing to operate. The baby unit can be operated with standard batteries or via cable.


Reliable usethanks to vibration and LED status display

To make sure that you don’t miss any activity of your little darling, even if you are in a noisy environment and can only hear the sound transmission poorly, the sound level indicator lights up as soon as the parent unit receives a signal. The lit LEDs show you whether there are only faint sounds coming from the nursery or whether your child is already crying loudly. In addition, the baby monitor features a vibration alarm that also informs you haptically about your child’s activity.
The LED status display has other helpful functions. The LED strip indicates when the range is exceeded and the connection is disturbed. You can also see here what volume the parent unit is set to or whether the baby monitor is muted and the vibration mode is activated. If necessary, you can also read the battery level via the LEDs.

Product details

  • digital transmission
  • FHSS technology: Tap-proof and interference-free
  • range of up to 600m
  • ECO mode: 0% radiation in sleep mode
  • VOX function: intelligent automatic switch-on
  • adjustable night light (3 brightness levels)
  • intercom function
  • vibration alarm
  • optical/acoustic range control
  • adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • optical noise display
  • belt clip
  • parent unit: Battery life up to 60 hours
  • baby unit: Battery or mains operation (batteries not included)
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item number 50150
EAN code 4013283501504
age 0+
material plastic
colour white / grey
contents 1x baby unit, 1x parent unit, 1x mains adapter, 2x micro-USB cables
packaging size 19.5 x 6.2 x 17.4 cm (L x W x H)
notes No

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