A Swabian success story

For more than 90 years the German traditional brand reer has been supporting families with their daily challenges. To offer the most protection to the youngest reer pursue the mission „More safety for children“. reer's security solutions help parents to create a safe living environment where the little darlings could discover the world. Modern baby households can no longer imagine life without the inventions of reer as for example baby food warmer, baby monitor or changing table heater. The many practical helpers eased the stressful daily life and provides more well-being. Clever products for more safety and well-being.



Formation of the company by Robert Reer

The topic "child safety" plays only a minor role in the early years. As a supplier of electronic components for companies like Bosch, Siemens and AEG reer laid the foundation for the technical know-how that they can benefit from today.



First developments for baby products

After the takeover of the company by Paul Mörk reer specialised more in electronic products for babies and children.



reer invented the
first baby food warmer

The first innovation from reer is "MABO". The first automatic bottle warmer paved the way for the baby food warmer we know today. These days the baby food warmer belongs to every modern baby household.



reer invented the
night light

Paul Mörk identified the problem of orientation in dark environment. The idea for a orientation light that illuminated the way to the baby cot was born. The idea was realised in form of a night light.



reer invented the
first baby monitor

Now and then parents need time for themselves, but at this time babies shall not to be left unattended. Paul Mörk recognised this problem and developed an intercom system for children.



reer introduced the socket protector onto the market

With the increasing number of electrical units in households the danger of electric shock became bigger for curious children. The safety expert reer reacted to this and developmented a special protection for sockets.



reer invented the first baby bath thermometer

Babies suffer scaldings faster than adults.reer invented the baby bath thermometer to determine the right water temperature easily.



reer introduced the vaporiser onto the market

reer invented a vaporiser to sterilize baby bottles and teats by steam and proved themselves as one of the most innovative companies of the baby industry.



reer opened an office in Far East

Even then reer socialised contacts to Far East. 1992 they opened their own office in Hong Kong.



Rainer Mörk took over the management

Rainer Mörk took over the management of reer GmbH. In the same year he developed the first baby monitor with specific frequencies and put it on the market.



reer invented the neighbour canal shielding technique

Only 2 years later reer developed the shielding technique NKA (neighbour canal shielding technique) and brought out the first interference-free baby monitor in the course of that.



reer invented the first changing table heater

Also the changing table heater is an invention by reer. It is another reer product that found its way into modern household with children.



reer invented a thermometer with gold plated measuring tip

Another innovation by reer is the first thermometer with gold plated measuring tip. At that time the gold plated measuring tip is unique, especially skin-tolerant and well-suited for people with allergies.



Baby monitoring by telephone

 Thanks to the bébétel product line, baby monitoring via phone or mobile phone became possible for the first time.



reer invented the baby food warmer for cars

Mobility becomes more important for families. reer recognized this trend and modified a baby food warmer especially for the use in cars.



reer revised the stove guard

The proven stove guard by Helly was revised by reer. It gained a new significant security-related feature: the reer switch barrier.



reer brought the first the first height-adjustable bed rail to the market

reer invented the first height-adjustable bed rail so that children could sleep safely in their parents and in their own bed . Furthermore it is also suitable for box spring beds.



reer won the Innovation Award

With the bébétel Bluetoothbaby monitor, reer won the Innovation Award by the "Kind & Jugend" trade fair in Cologne. In the course of the years further products also made it to the final round.



reer invented the first Walkie Talkie baby monitor

reer invented the first Walkie Talkie baby monitor „Scopi“. It has an interference-free transmission up to  5 km due to CTCSS coding.



reer invented the first baby kettle

reer brought the first baby kettle to market. Its capacity is ideal for one meal for the little darlings. Moreover it can be tak along everywhere easily thanks to the integrated cable.



reer invented the follow-on milk mixer

reer stands again for 2 new clever products: the follow-on milk mixer "EasyQuirl" helps when preparing a fast and lump-free  formula milk with almost no air passage. The reer baby food warmer "NewGen" makes a vitamin-preserving and natural food preparation a child´s play.



reer introduced the toilet seat cover to the market

reer invented a hygienic seat toilet cover for out and about. The extra wide overlay with lateral wings covers the contact area and reduces the risk of contact infections.



Aquaint - the 100% natural hygiene spray

the unique 100% natural hygiene spray AQUAINT from reer is up to 99.9% effective killing bacteria on contact and after its application the product only leaves water behind. In addition to that, reer invented the KeyFix, a lock-in-protection which enables parents to open the door from the outside.



reer invented the window lock

Windows and balcony doors are securely closed for children thanks to the reer WinLock. The practical plug-in system enables a mounting without gluing and screwing. The innovative lock made it to the final round of the "Innovation Award".



Design meets safety

reer brought the DesignLine to the market to show that a safe environment could also be pretty. „Design meets safety“ is the motto for the new safety product range for babies and toddlers. Safety solutions with a straight design and high quality materials, that protect children and match every interior design.



KidsLight Creative
night lights

According to the motto „one night light – unlimited  design possibilities“ reer brought the KidsLight Creative night light serie to the market. The night light encourages the creativity of children by its replaceable motif discs which can also be painted by children.



reer won
the Consumer Award

The Consumer Award by & is voted by the customers directly. Our innovative DesignLine stove guard convinced and reached the first place in the category "make everyday life easier".



reer invented VapoDry

Sterilisation and drying of bottles and co. in one device - wasn't possible for parents until now. With the VapoDry, we present the first baby bottle steriliser with drying function for home use. This innovation is not only time saving but also prevents water stains and contamination due to bacteria on drying towels.




A product range, specially made for the needs of expectant mothers: in cooperation with midwives, we have been developing products for pregnant women which offer more safety and wellbeing. From the pregnancy to the breastfeeding period: we accompany mothers from the beginning.



WinLock wins the Parents' Choice Award

Our safety solutions convince parents all over the world. WinLock, our window lock without gluing or screwing, wins the Parents' Choice Award in Poland, so to say the Oscar for child products.



AngelGuard GPS watch

The first steps all alone in the big wide world are an adventure for children, but also a challenge. We accompany parents and children on this way and ensure more safety. The AngelGuard GPS watch has an emergency call function: if the child is in a dangerous situation, it can send its location and a message - with the push of a button.



Reer awarded with the EU Product Safety Award

For the extensive information and accident prevention work as well as the particularly safe products, reer is awarded the Product Safety Award of the European Commission.