Colour SoftTemp 3in1 contactless infrared thermometer

Item details:

  • contactless thermometer
  • three-step optical fever warning
  • 25 memory slots
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Age recommendation: 0+

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A quick overview of body temperature at all times

Fever is not an illness but the body's reaction to help protect against infections. The temperature increase stimulates the body to use its own resources to act against a wide variety of pathogens. However, a high fever can impair important bodily functions significantly and places a great strain on sensitive organisms, including small children in particular. Using the Colour SoftTemp thermometer, you can check the temperature of your baby or child quickly and easily.


Extremely gentle fever readingscontactless and in 1 second

Rectal fever measurement is usually unpleasant for young children and can quickly become a challenge with lively children. The Colour SoftTemp offers you a quick and uncomplicated alternative for an initial fever measurement: thanks to the infrared technology, fever can be measured contactless and painlessly within one second. It makes measuring body temperature as comfortable as possible and requires hardly any cooperation from the child. Infrared technology enables the temperature to be measured in just one second.


Ideal for night-timewith an illuminated display and switchable signal tone

To continuously monitor the course of a fever, night-time measurements are unavoidable. However, since a restful night's sleep is extremely important for a quick recovery, you should not wake your child at night, if possible. The contactless measuring, the illuminated display, the optical fever alarm, and the signal tone that can be switched off are ideal for an uncomplicated and trouble-free temperature check at night.


Quick fever warningthanks to acoustic and optical fever alarm

The Colour SoftTemp has been equipped with a three-stage optical fever alarm that enables you to see whether your child has a raised temperature or even a fever at first glance. At normal temperature, the display is green. Increased temperature (37.5°C – 37.9°C) is indicated on the thermometer with an orange display. This indicates that you should measure more frequently in order to keep an eye on any rise in temperature. However, if the thermometer detects your child has a fever (38° C or above), you will be quickly informed with an acoustic warning and a red display screen.


Precise measurementthanks to positioning LED

The infrared thermometer has an additional positioning LED. The LED shows you precisely where the temperature is being measured. This is important for a reliable temperature measurement, especially at night, when the measurement is taken in the dark so as not to disturb the health-promoting sleep of your child.


Well informedwith the temperature memory

In order to be able to easily check the development of the fever and the recovery of the child, it is recommended that you follow and compare the individual measured values. Thanks to the integrated memory, the thermometer takes over this task for you. It stores the last 25 measured temperature values and makes it easier for you to follow the curve of the fever.


Universally applicablefor body, surface, and room temperature

Even when your child is not ill, the thermometer proves to be a useful aid in everyday life. By switching to the surface measuring mode, the Colour SoftTemp can also be used to measure the temperature of the room or bath water. You can also check whether baby food or soups are at the ideal serving temperature.


Product details

  • measures body, surface and room temperatures
  • large illuminated display
  • 25 memory slots
  • three-step optical fever warning: green <37,5°C, orange 37,5-37,9°C, red > 37,9°C
  • acoustic fever alarm >37,9 °C
  • with automatic shut-off after approx. 15 seconds
  • signal tone can be switched off
  • measuring time: approx. 1 second
  • measuring range: 32,0 °C – 42,9 °C (body temperature);
    0 °C – 99,9 °C (object/ambient temperature)
  • contents: 1x thermometer, 2x AAA batteries, 1x manual
  • Do you prefer a classic thermometer? Then our ColourTemp digital thermometer is definitely the right thing for you.
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age 0+
material plastic
colour white/grey
contents 1 x thermometer, 2 x AAA batteries
packaging size 9,8 cm x 4,5 cm x 19,5 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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