Clip&Go Carry Carrying strap for baby seats

Item details:

  • optimal weight distribution prevents posture and back damage and relieves the back and arms
  • for all baby seats of group 0+ (up to 13 kg)
  • different carrying options - can be worn diagonally or only on one side
  • length infinitely adjustable
  • Clip&Go: simple and safe attachment thanks to snap hooks

Age recommendation: 0+ months

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For a comfortable carry of the baby seat

The total weight of a baby plus his or her baby seat shouldn’t be underestimated. Carrying the seat on one side of the body creates physical strain that can soon lead to back and postural problems. And yet of course you’ll want your baby to go everywhere with you!
The Clip&Go Carry strap distributes the weight equally across your whole body - for easier carrying of your baby seat that reduces the strain on your back.


Relief for the back and armsprevents posture and back damage

The Clip&Go Carry strap for baby seats facilitates the carrying of your baby seat. The strap can be worn diagonally across the upper body or on the shoulder on one side. It distributes the weight of the baby seat equally and allows the seat to be carried with much more ease. By contrast to the usual mode of carrying, less strain is put on your spine, preventing back and posture problems.


Quickly and easily installed on the baby seatwith Clip&Go carabiner

The strap is installed in a couple of easy steps. First, fix the separate fitting strap to the baby seat’s handle. This can stay on the handle for future use. As installation does not require any special devices, the strap is compatible with any make of baby seat. Now, clip the carrier strap onto the fitting strap using the two Clip& Go carabiners and you’re ready to go, securely and comfortably!


Carrying comfortwith soft shoulder pad

The strap has been fitted with an additional shoulder pad for added comfort. Its soft padding keeps the strap from cutting into the shoulder or rubbing, ensuring perfect comfort when carrying the seat.


Suitable for any body sizefully adjustable length

The strap is fitted with an adjustment buckle. This allows the length of the strap to be adjusted seamlessly to any length between 70 and 135 cm. Adjusting the strap to your body size and preferred carrying method (one-sided on the shoulder or diagonally across the upper body) is quickly and easily done.


Robust and securedue to hard-wearing materials and metal carabiners

The strap and fitting strap are manufactured from robust polyester. The two buckles on the fitting strap and the carabiners are made from strong metal. The high-quality manufacture and hard-wearing, robust materials ensure the strap provides a secure means of carrying up to 15 kg.


Product details

  • for easier carrying of the baby seat
  • optimal weight distribution prevents posture and back damage
  • relief for the back and arms
  • soft shoulder pad for comfortable carring the baby seat
  • easy adjustment to the body size - the shoulder strap is infinitely adjustable from approx. 70-135 cm
  • especially safe thanks to durable material with metal snap hook
  • Clip&Go: quick and easy attachment to the baby seat
  • for all baby seats of group 0+ (up to 13 kg)
  • dimension: approx. 23 x 33 x 11 cm
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item number 85021
EAN code 4013283850213
age 0+ months
material polyester
colour grey melange
contents 1 x carrying strap, 1 x fastening strap
packaging size 97mm x 35mm 235mm (W x D x H)
notes This product is no toy. Please use the article only for its intended purpose.

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