Changing table heater 300 W and 600 W with automatic shutoff

Item details:

  • protects your baby from getting a chill when being changed or after a bath
  • meets medical product standards (IEC 601-2-21)
  • simple wall installation thanks to the patented movable brackets
  • automatic shutoff
  • tilts to 45° angle
  • replaceable safety heating element with shatter protection
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Age recommendation: 0 + months

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Changing table heater

provides your child with immediate warmth

Perfectly protected from the cold!

In babies, heat regulation via the skin is not yet fully developed. They are not yet able to adjust their body temperature to large temperature differences. Your child can quickly lose body heat after bathing or a nappy change. It is therefore especially important to maintain the baby’s body temperature. This changing table heater from reer provides your baby with immediate warmth. It allows you to maintain a constant comfortable temperature for your baby and equalise temperature differences. This prevents related illnesses caused by hypothermia, such as colds, and guarantees a pleasant experience for your baby.

Comforting warmthright where it is needed

The changing table heater distributes heat evenly across the changing table and ensures temperature distribution in accordance with medical standards. The device is immediately ready for use, without long heating times.
In addition, its tilting element can be easily adjusted up to 45°, ensuring that you can direct the heat exactly where you want it. This ensures that your baby is kept comfortably warm, without you having to sweat under the heater.

A plus for safetythanks to automatic switch-off

Especially when you are in a hurry, it can happen that you forget to switch off the changing table heater. Thanks to the integrated automatic switch-off, you now have one less thing to worry about. Operation is convenient, performed via a pull switch that activates the timer. After about 10 minutes the device switches off automatically. Should the 10 minutes of heat radiation not be enough, the device can be switched on again in no time at all.

Safe and comfortable 1-handed operationthanks to pull switch and status display

When changing or dressing the child, mums and dads have their hands full. This is why all of the radiant heater’s functions can be conveniently operated with just one hand, using the practical pull switch. The extra-long cord allows you to easily reach the pull switch, even from in front of the changing table. The status display keeps you reliably informed about the operating status and selected heating level at all times. .

The choice of two heating levels means you can always maintain the right temperature

Two different heating levels mean reer’s changing table heater offers the right heating power for every environment and room temperature. These can be selected quickly and easily using a pull cord. It can be switched on in no time at all with just one pull, providing pleasant, precise heat at heat level 1 (300 W). By pulling the pull cord again, the higher level (600 W) can be set.

Simple and secure wall mountingwith flexible wall bracket

The radiant heater can be securely mounted above the changing table using the built-in wall bracket. The flexible bracket not only guarantees uncomplicated and secure installation, even at critical points (e.g. tiles), but also enables the heater to be positioned precisely, despite being tightly screwed into the wall.
An additional plus: thanks to the wall mounting, the changing table radiant heater is very economical with space and out of reach from children’s small hands.

Product details

  • protects the baby from becoming hypothermic when changing nappies or after bathing
  • uncomplicated wall mounting thanks to patented sliding bracket
  • with automatic switch-off
  • adjustable up to 45°
  • replaceable safety heating rod with splinter protection
  • 300 W / 600 W for constant and comfortable heat release
  • temperature distribution tested according to medical device standard (IEC 601-2-21)
  • pull switch for uncomplicated operation
  • control light indicates device status
  • all plastic parts are made from temperature-resistant materials
  • dimensions: 58 cm x 13 cm x 11 cm
  • cord length: 160 cm
  • Would you prefer a changing table heater you can place anywhere in the room? Then the FeelWell 2in1 changing table heater is perfect for you.
item number 1912
EAN code 4013283019122
age 0 + months
material plastic parts made of temperature resistant materials
colour white, silver
contents 1 x changing table heater with automatic switch-off
packaging size 61.0 cm x 16.5 cm x 12.5 cm (W x D x H)
notes Observe the enclosed operating and safety instructions!

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