Bath thermometer turtle

Item details:

  • enjoy a safe bath
  • clear scales
  • mercury-free, BPA free

Age recommendation: 0+

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Safe bathing fun

For children, water temperature is a crucial factor in ensuring safe fun in the bath. If the water is too cold, little ones soon get chilly. Water that is too hot leads to dangerous scalds on a baby's sensitive skin. That's why it's so important to check the temperature of bathwater before and during splash-time fun.
The bath thermometer from reer enables parents to check quickly whether the water is the right temperature for their baby or toddler.


Easy temperature checkingthanks to a clear scale

The large, easy-to-read scale makes it easy to see how warm the water is. To enable an even quicker check of the optimal bath temperature, emojis have been positioned by certain temperatures on the scale. This allows you to see at a glance whether the water is just right, too hot or too cold for your little one.


Quality and safetytested in accordance with strict criteria

To offer children maximum protection, reer products are checked in line with strict testing standards. Not only is the product subjected to internal tests; it is also examined by independent institutions. We have had our bath thermometer tested according to the strict up-to-date safety standard DIN EN 71-1 (safety of toys) and other specifications. The result: our product is safe for children and provides precise readings. These tests confirm that our product fulfils the special requirements in place for toys for children under 36 months. Only materials that are free from harmful substances and softeners are used in production – without mercury, PVC and BPA.


Safe bathtime fun unbreakable with no sharp edges

The bath thermometer consists of unbreakable plastic and a flexible capillary holder. It is ultrasonically welded. This prevents small parts from coming loose and being swallowed by children. When designing the thermometer's shape, particular attention was paid to ensuring there are no corners and edges, guarding against injuries.


Child-friendly design in the shape of a turtle

The turtle bath thermometer features cute details for special bath-time fun. The waterproof design means that the thermometer always floats on the surface of the water. So it doesn't just measure the temperature of the water but also positively encourages play.


Quick and easy dryingthanks to integrated air channels

Air channels have been incorporated into the back. These ensure quick and easy drying. This prevents unpleasant smells and the possible formation of mould – for long-term, hygienically clean use. The thermometer dries quickest when it is leaned against the wall with the capillary towards the wall.


Product details

  • enjoy a safe bath
  • sweet motif
  • clear scales
  • marking for the ideal bath temperature
  • mercury-free, BPA free
  • measuring range 0°C to max. 50°C
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item number 24053
EAN code 4013283240533
age 0+
material plastic
colour green
contents 1 bath thermometer turtle
packaging size 10,5 cm x 1,8 cm x 17 cm (LxWxH)
notes No

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