AngelGuard GPS watch with phone function

Item details:

  • simple & reliable positioning via app
  • SOS button with customised emergency numbers
  • call and voice message function
  • configurable safety area with notification
  • track-proof and tap-proof to third parties

Age recommendation: 3+ years

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Your reliable companion
with positioning and telephone functions

Be it their first independent trip to the playground or a bicycle ride to their grandparents’ house, children want to explore their environment. With increasing age, not only the range of motion but also the desire for independence increases. The smart companion from reer helps you to let your child be independent and have a good feeling about it.

You can maintain in contact with your little adventurer at all times and see exactly where it is. The AngelGuard GPS watch is equipped with many practical functions that will excite any gadget fan, big and small.

AngelGuard – the reliable companion

This smart child watch is intended for all children who are too young for their own smartphone, but are grown up enough to take their own trips of discovery. It provides the child with all the freedoms that are important for its development, providing you with a calm feeling of safety.

Positioning function

Positioning function

easy and reliable location via app in real time or as a route history

Call function

Call function

For easy communication with your child: You and your child can call each other at any time

SOS button

SOS button

enables your child to easily draw attention to an emergency situation and send an automatic SMS message to you with its location

The take-off sensor

The take-off sensor

can be activated as necessary, notifying you if the watch is taken off

Safety areas

Safety areas

can be set individually via the app. You will receive an automatic notification if your child leaves the defined safety zone, or reaches the destination

Voice messages

Voice messages

can be sent via the app and received by the watch

Die AngelGuard app

The free app will provide you with easy and intuitive control of all functions of the GPS watch. Using its clearly designed menu, you can make location queries and enjoy various other functions, such the safety areas or activating or deactivating the take-off sensor. The app offers numerous settings, such as configuring the positioning mode and intervals, standby mode, step counter, or call number management.

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Die AngelGuard child watch Designed for children’s hands.

high wear comfort

thanks to the light, soft and skin-friendly material

3 speed dial buttons and a separate SOS button

for easy communication

size-adjustable strap

can be adapted individually


easy operation

all functions can be controlled with just 5 buttons

clear display

large OLED display with easy-to-read time indicator

sturdy, splash-proof housing

ideal for daily use

GPS positioning
in real time or as history

Thanks to real-time GPS positioning, you will know exactly where your child is, at any time. If necessary, the positioning can be quickly and easily queried via the app. You can later follow the covered distances in the history.

The precision of the position depends on the reception of your mobile provider, among other things. Should your child be outdoors in a place without a GPS signal, the positioning will automatically take place using the last registered mobile phone tower (LBS) or available wifi networks.

Call function
for easy communication

The integrated telephone function enables you to communicate easily with your child. You can call your child at any time, and, if it is an emergency for example, you can talk and help it stay calm. You can save and approve up to 8 numbers in the app. With this white list, you can determine who can call your child, e.g. mum, dad, grandma and grandpa.

Your child can use the speed dial buttons on the watch to quickly call the saved emergency numbers, without having to know, write down or dial the numbers.

SOS button
for quick help in emergencies

If your child is in an emergency situation, it can use the SOS button to inform you about it. As soon as the separate and easy-to-press SOS button is used, 3 individual emergency numbers will be called one after another until someone picks up the phone. At the same time, the current position of your child will be sent to the emergency numbers via SMS. With the app, you can quickly request the exact position of your child and contact it directly.

Safety areas
for independence & safe arrival

Using adjustable safety areas, you can individually define the zone that your child is allowed to move around in. For example, if there is a lake, or a dangerous road nearby, you can mark only the immediate surroundings of your house as a safety area. Should your little explorer leave this zone, you will automatically receive a notification.

You can additionally save the kindergarten, the school, or the grandparents’ address in the app, to receive a notification when your child reaches these safe areas.

AngelGuard app screenshots

Get your own impressions about the very easy app and its intuitive user interface:


Download now for free

Download the free AngelGuard app from the iTunes app store or GooglePlay.

play store app store

Easy setup

Step 1 - Download the app


Download the free AngelGuard app from the App Store and install it.

Step 2 - Uhr einschalten

Switch on the GPS watch

Insert the SIM card on the back of the watch and switch the watch on.

Step 3 - Matching


Register in the app and connect the watch with your mobile phone by scanning the QR code.

Convince yourself:Watch the video now

Additional features

Sim KArten Slot

Integrated SIM card slot

easy insertion and secure locking of the SIM card


Step counter

helps track daily movements

Charge via USB

USB port

quick and easy charging via laptop or power bank

item number 53053
EAN code 4013283530535
age 3+ years
material plastic, metal (nickel- & latex-free, hypoallergenic)
colour green
contents 1x watch (SIM card not included), 1x USB cable including adapter, 1x user manual
packaging size 9.7 cm x 6.9 cm x 16.0 cm (W x D x H)
notes Please read the information on safety and assembly!

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