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bath thermometer


sterilizer with drying function


raincover for buggys

RainCover Active

door/stair guard


door/stair guard


door guard


anti-tip kit

Furniture anti-tip kit


baby food warmer

rain cover for baby seats

RainSafe Baby

rain cover for buggies and sports pushchairs

RainSafe Active

rain cover for combi-pushchairs

RainSafe Classic

Child safety

With our safety products you protect your child so that your child could explore its environment safely and independently.     

Health & Care

The care and health products of reer like fever thermometers, brushes, nail scissors and much more support you optimally.

Feeding & Drinking

Whether you are looking for a baby warmers, vaporizers, insulated containers or bottle accessories, we offer you a wide range of practical helpers.

Safely on the road

Our outdoor products protects your child fast and flexible against dangerous sunrays, cold wind, rain or insects.

Safety and well-being during pregnancy

To do this, we provide you with our product line, MommyLine. Helpful and practical articles are available that can support the healthy course of your pregnancy and lactation.

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Design meets safety

the new generation of security articles

Design-oriented products are becoming more and more important in all areas of life. In particular, in the design of the living area such as kitchen or living room a lot of time, money and a lot of money invested. With the help of design elements, the home is beautifully and comfortably furnished.

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Discover, understand, prevent dangers.

The checklist for a child-proof home.

As children grow up, their mobility and their sphere of action increase and therefore they are exposed to more hazards and risks as well.

Everyday situations, such as a hot stove, stairs or an unlocked medicine cupboard can have tragic consequences.

A safe environment must be created so that children can be allowed to explore some of their surroundings independently.

Check your home to the most important dangers based on our checklist.

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Quality and safety

We see providing babies and small children with maximum protection to be the central task of our safety mission. To set the bar higher, we work with experts in various fields, actively promoting more child safety:

We regularly collaborate with independent testing institutions—such as SLG and

TÜV—to conduct intensive testing and verification of our products. Cooperation

with doctors and midwives helps us develop new products that conform to current

medical knowledge.

We are:

an active member of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

founding member of the Global Alliance for Child Safety (GACS)

an active member of the non-profit national association More Safety for Children (BAG)

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